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Liberté Locke is a writer, organizer, and member

of the Industrial Workers of the World. For over

five years she has been a key figure in the ongoing

campaign to unionize her workplace, Starbucks.

She is a featured blogger for LibCom.org and writes

for the IWW newspaper. Her essay ‘My Body, My

Rules: A Case for Rape and Domestic Violence

Survivors Becoming Workplace Organizers' has

been taught in various labor studies and women's

studies programs in universities in the U.S. and

Canada, as well as in a rural women's labor course

in India.

Performer and writer, Dan Kinch talks
about the Occupy the Empire tour, jury
nullification, the no-nukes movement, his
mission to inspire older generations to
be involved in activist movements, and
the responsibility of being Le Griot.

Listen to a reading of this
letter we received from a prisoner
in Texas, first imprisoned at 19, and
experience picking cotton.

Listen to a reading of this
letter we received from a prisoner
in Texas about the prison as
garment factory.

Listen to a reading of this
letter we received from a prisoner
in Texas.

Sounds from #S17.


And forty minutes of

drummers, sax, guitars
and chants in Liberty
Plaza on #S17.

Alice from Vermont talks about
her homemade NDAA poster,

Bradley Manning and
Vermont's prison system.

The drummers and a sax at
Occupy Town Square in
Washington Square Park,

Sept. 15.

Immigrant rights group Make the Road New York and

allies spent Saturday afternoon on July 14th

marching through Bushwick for their seventh annual Pride

and Solidarity March. This year's march was in part a

solidarity action to end the NYPD practice of Stop & Frisk.

May Day protestor E.D. Severance submitted
audio from the day's wanderings. The
GuitArmy, chants and shouts - the
people's day. This land is your land.

Occupy Our Stories non-aggressively invades
and occupies Handout for Charity Case's
4th issue of the zine. Stories from former
SVA Professor Gene Stavis; a teacher on
Teach For America; new work from street
artist BAMN; comics and gags aplenty.
Laugh, shout, share, respond.

Brian O'Haire (Long Island), 'Billionaire Brian,' talks

about War-Free Wednesday. 'Every week.' Why not
every day? 'Exactly.'

Rob Daros talks about being a carpenter and the
satisfaction of building something; and being a
victim of corporate fraudster Paul Greenwood, who
used stolen money to finance projects.

David Peel (of David Peel & the Lower East Side!)
and Mike (just Mike) talk about making music for
Occupy; compare the musical history of Zuccotti
Park to Woodstock; and recall that Zuccotti was
the second choice of the #S17 occupiers. "The
occupation needs music."

Also, listen to two new unreleased songs from
David's upcoming Occupy Wall Street album!
Occupy Wall Street, by David Peel; and
Zuccotti, by Steve Baldwin!

The Psychic Surgeon explains psychic surgery and her
former pirate radio show on Steal This Radio.
Now an unemployed healthcare provider, she
explains some of the history of the Tompkins Square
Park riots and the radical movements in the

Vivian, from the Occupy Poetry Collective, reads an original
poem, From the Liberty Plaza Kitchen, an ode to living
at #Zuccotti.

Tim "Chyno" Chin talks about the shortcomings of the
American dream, having graduated from the
University of #Maryland with "a shitload of debt," and
his inability to obtain health insurance as a restaurant
worker, having now obtained it in the fashion industry.

Patricia Taylor (62, #Missouri) speaks about her jobs in food
service and retail, as well as the many positions she has
held training and caring for animals. Patricia, now a grocery
store employee, also talks about the effects of her Parkinson's
disease on her ability to work, the cost of her medications,
and her employer-sponsored health insurance.

Kelly Taylor (67, #Arkansas, #Missouri) converses
with his daughter Maggie about joining the Air
Force in 1963; his cohort who died in Vietnam;
going to college on the GI Bill while working as a
night janitor to afford tution; and his job at a
turkey slaughterhouse.

A retired union carpenter, Kelly talks about
joining the union; and details his father's blue
collar jobs, including operating a bulldozer
and working in coal and lead mines.

He also discusses his job training animals for
entertainment, and quitting in protest when
ordered to train drug-sniffing dogs and other
animals for law enforcement and government

Frankie (#newyork, #bronx) talks about police
harassment, borough marginilization, and
#OccupyWallSt. 'Come and occupy. You can
be heard.'

Desiree Deloach (#florida, #nyc), from the
#OccupyWallSt Stop Stop and Frisk working group
talks about moving to and living at #Zuccotti;
have worked for low wages from major
corporations her entire life; student loan
debt; police brutality and NYC marijuana laws.

Adjunct #CUNY Professor Doug Ficek (#newyork, #northdakota)
talks #OWS, student activism, OWS in academia, and
his picture on #CNN for New Year's Eve at #Zuccotti.

#OWS livestreamer Elizabeth Arce (23, #newyork)
talks about her 'occu-family.'